Buddy® Poppy

We can not wait to see all the wonderful Buddy® Poppy hats during the Parade of Hats, held during the Auxiliary meeting on Saturday!!!

Please bring materials to be able to display your hats on the Buddy® Poppy table that will be in the hall way. (please do not spoil the fun…we ask that you do not put anything on your display that would identify your Auxiliary or who made the display on the table)

We would like all hats that will be in the ‘Parade of Hats’ be on display by 9 Saturday morning (January 25th), so the VFW members can also enjoy seeing you hard work.

We will be having a Parade of Hats (a fashion show if you will) so please have on the entry card (index card paper etc that you will hand to me as you enter the door):a few lines about your hat i.e.: who the designer was, how many poppies were used, how many members worked on the over all design, etc, and any story you would like read to your Auxiliary Sisters and Brothers, Madam President and Madam national Conductress, during the Parade of hats.(Parade of hats will be after lunch on Saturday)

There will be 2 stages of judging:
#1. while on the display table a committee of 3 VFW members (those without an Auxiliary) will be asked to judge on the requirements of the Buddy® Poppy display rules from National: based on effectiveness, purpose, clarity of theme, suitability, originality, beauty and number of Poppies used.
#2. During the Parade of hats the judging will be by your peers.