How to become a member

Local Auxiliary Member:

  • Annual dues vary by Auxiliary.
  • Completed membership application, proof of eligibility (only if veteran is not a member of the same Post), and payment is sent to local Auxiliary.
  • The local Auxiliary will investigate your eligibility and vote to accept or reject your application.
  • May attend Auxiliary, County Council, District or Department (state) meetings, and is allowed to enter the business session of these meetings.
  • May hold an office at the Auxiliary, County Council, District or Department (state) level.
  • May be a Delegate to the National Convention.
  • May participate in any of the National Programs and earn Auxiliary, District, Department (state) and National Awards.
  • May qualify for Cancer Care Plus Insurance Program (Cancer Insurance).
  • May receive a Cancer Grant, if eligible.
  • May purchase self-pay insurances and burial benefits.
  • May participate in member benefits received through the mail, e-mail or listed on the National website.
  • Receives the VFW Auxiliary Magazine and e-newsletter.

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Fill Online

Click here to fill out Local Auxiliary Membership Application. (The president of your new Auxiliary will contact you.)

Download the Auxiliary membership application here.