Americanism – July 23

The concept of Americanism has been in use since the first European settlers moved to North America inspired by a vision of a “shining city upon a hill”  Americanism is an ideology, or a belief in devotion, loyalty, or allegiance to the United States of America, or respect for its flag, its traditions, its customs, its culture, its symbols, its institutions, or its form of government.

Americanism Promotes patriotism by celebrating patriotic holidays. Teaches respect and proper care for the US Flag. Brings attention to Prisoners of War and those Missing in action by hosting POW/MIA ceremonies to both educate the public and honor these special veterans.

There are many ways to show Americanism.

Get your community involved:

*If you see a flag that needs to be replaced, go to the business or the neighbors and replace the flag for them.

*Find businesses who regularly present the flag properly and give them a thank you and certificate.

*Go to your local funeral home with small flag pins and ask the funeral director if they can hand out small flag pins for all those veterans attending funerals.

*Celebrate your Patriotic holidays.

*There are many ways to show your Americanism.