Scholarship April 2024

Beth Crow 662-552-9481 EMAIL monthly report form downloadable scholarship forms Hello everyone. I hope this finds you all well. We are finishing up the Young American Creative Patriotic Art Contest and 3-D Patriotic Art Contest. I hope that everyone got plenty of great entries. Your winning entry is due to me by April 15. PleaseContinue reading “Scholarship April 2024”

Hospital April 2024

Carol Fetters 228-596-5014 Email Monthly Report Form This year’s National theme “Banding Together for our Veterans”, and the Department of Mississippi’s theme, “Soaring Above and Beyond for Veterans” is the lifeblood of the Hospital Program. The volunteer efforts of our members and working together makes a huge difference in the lives of our hospitalized veterans.Continue reading “Hospital April 2024”

Historian April 2024

Aletta Butler (228) 334-2783 EMAIL monthly report form send pictures to email questions email  Hey all our Historians.  We are gearing up to the end of Madam President Barbara Franklins leadership year. Keep sending your photos to Barbara’s photo frame. Find the picture in your phone that you would like to send her, click onContinue reading “Historian April 2024”

Auxiliary Outreach March 24

Deborah Turner (601) 506-9430 Email report form What’s Not Considered Auxiliary Outreach Auxiliary Outreach is for projects NOT AFFILIATED with VFW or VFW Auxiliary Programs. Volunteer work that is performed for the benefit of the Post or Auxiliary is NOT considered Outreach. Examples of projects that do not qualify include · Repairs to, maintenance orContinue reading “Auxiliary Outreach March 24”

Hospital March 24

Carol Fetters 228-596-5014 Email Monthly Report Form CELEBRATING NON-TRADITIONAL HOLIDAYS As we continue through the months, our National Hospital Ambassador would still like for all volunteers to think outside the box in organizing “fun” for our veterans. Our veterans love celebrating traditional holidays, but so do all the organizations who support our veterans. Maybe theyContinue reading “Hospital March 24”

Youth March 24

March has some little known or publicized holidays in it, one being National Anthem Day, March 3rd, and National K9 Veterans Day on March 13th. Could you consider having a celebration day at your local school for either of these, I’m sure the kids would love it and planning either would get your creative juicesContinue reading “Youth March 24”