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What’s Not Considered Auxiliary Outreach

Auxiliary Outreach is for projects NOT AFFILIATED with VFW or VFW Auxiliary Programs. Volunteer work that is performed for the benefit of the Post or Auxiliary is NOT considered Outreach. Examples of projects that do not qualify include

· Repairs to, maintenance or beautification of the Post home.
· Cooking or serving a meal for a Post or Auxiliary fundraiser. “Buddy”® Poppy distribution.
· VFW or Auxiliary meetings, conventions, conferences or schools of instruction.
· Providing an honor guard at a member’s funeral.
· Flying the American Flag.
· Conducting Flag retirement programs.
· Church activities for one specific congregation and not the entire community (e.g., usher, elder, deacon, minister, etc.)

Important Auxiliary Additions to VFW Community Service:

1. Wear something that signifies you are a member of the VFW Auxiliary.
2. The project must be voted on during an Auxiliary meeting. (The VFW also requires this in another section of their instructions.)
3. If what you are doing is reportable under another Auxiliary Program, report it under that Program, not under Auxiliary Outreach.
4. Auxiliary work* (e.g., Outreach, Americanism, Veterans & Family Support, etc.) is to be reported to your local VFW Post Adjutant so it can be added to their report. This will help your Post with eligibility for the National Outstanding Community Service Post Award.
5. Auxiliary Outreach volunteer work need not be verified by the organization you are partnering with. (This is a VFW requirement only.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.: A few of the ways listed to participate in Auxiliary Outreach involve youth. Wouldn’t this be reported under the Auxiliary’s Youth Activities Program?

A.: It depends on the project. For example, if you are putting on a patriotic program at a school with your Auxiliary, that is reported under Americanism and/or Youth Activities. If your Auxiliary volunteers with the Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts to teach them the Folds of the Flag, that is reported under Americanism and/or Youth Activities. If your Auxiliary partners at the Boys & Girls Club to tutor a group of kids, that is reported under Auxiliary Outreach.

Please continue to report the great things you are doing in your communities. Continue to let the light of your Auxiliary shine and make a difference.

Thanks for all you do. Don’t hesitate to contact me.

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