Buddy Poppy & National Home April 2025

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We are winding up our year but we are never done, how about show some love to the National Home. If you are not currently a member let’s make a change. If you are already a member think about sponsoring another member.  During our last council of administration we passed around a hat to donate to the Mississippi house. The auxiliary raised $273, I put the challenge out to the VFW and not only did they accept the challenge they met the challenge and exceeded the challenge with a total of $641. When you are holding your district meetings this month why not put the challenge out to your members to donate to the Mississippi house. When you donate it not only helps keeping the house updated any construction needs or remodeling. Let’s make Mississippi proud.


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VFW and VFW Auxiliary members and organizations are eligible to become Life Members. Life Members may vote for the trustees who represent their National Home District and approve any proposed changes to our bylaws and articles of incorporation. The National Home Board of Trustees approved the use of electronic voting beginning with the 2022 Trustee District election, therefore, Life Members must have a valid email and/or a mobile phone number on record in order to vote.