Veteran and Family Support

August 2023 Newsletter

Becki Todd 901-262-8183

“Soaring Above and Beyond for Our Veterans”

Hello to all My Super Supporters!  Our year is moving quickly and I know from the reports that I have been receiving that many of you are out there showing support for OUR veterans.  You have been taking meals, shuttling to Dr. appointments and also promoting the programs within this program.  I want to encourage you to not only continue supporting our veterans but also get out and promote these programs, National Veterans Service (NVS), Military Assistance (MAPS), 

Unmet Needs, Disaster Relief and Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Awareness.  Schedule an event with or without your Post for the promotions.  Combine it with an event you already have scheduled or are planning to have.   

Also remember to utilize the Veterans & Family Support materials/resources available on the National website.  Visit  There is great stuff there!

If you were not able to attend our August School of Instruction, you missed this super supporter (me) in my hero costume promoting suicide prevention and mental health awareness.  I encouraged everyone to either buy a teardrop pin from the VFW store or to make your own by printing the tear drops from the above resources page and gluing them to mini clothespins, which can be found at Walmart in the craft section.  This is a great conversation starter whenever you are out and about! 

May we always stand united, in front of, beside and in back of all OUR veterans, to support them.

“Banding Together for Our Veterans”

I am always available for questions or to help with your reports. You can reach me in  several ways as well as send those reports to any of them. 


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