Buddy Poppy/National Home Mar 24

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Happy March spring is just around the corner. Our year is coming to a close quickly but we have plenty of time to make a difference. I wanted to share what a few of us did on the mid winter Cruise. If you haven’t heard about cruising ducks it is a fun activity that many children and adults enjoy. Mississippi hid over a hundred buddy Poppy ducks all over the ship. National president Carla Martinez enjoyed handing them out personally.  You can see some pictures on our website you can see some of the pictures that patrons uploaded. 

Thank you to everyone that has sent a canceled check to me for the 100th birthday I have forwarded them on to the national home.

Some of you may have had the opportunity to visit the national home but for those that have not I want to share with you what our sponsored house looks like. So when you are making your donations for the remainder of the year remember that if you send in a donation to the national home don’t forget about the house. (Please send house donations to

VFW Department P.O. Box 2027, Jackson, MS 39225

It is definitely wonderful to see our new state flag flying in front of our house..

Sponsored by the VFW Department of Mississippi

Built in 1929
2,874 Square Feet
4 Bed, 3 Bath

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