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Spring is in the air! I am so happy to see warmer weather. I’m looking forward to seeing you all at our March Council of Admin.

It’s time to make the push to the March 31 deadline for the Young American Patriotic Art Contest and 3D Patriotic Art Contest. Make sure you have contacted all of your area schools and provided information to them about the contests, if you haven’t already. Follow up with those organizations that you have contacted and remind them the deadline is approaching. Finally, make sure your submissions get to the Department on time. The deadline for submitting to the Department is April 15. I have to submit the Department winner to National by May 5. These are all tight deadlines please act in a timely manner. Remember this is not just a submission of a name. An actual piece of art will be mailed, so take into account the delivery time. Please take care in packing the submission if you are sending it by USPS, UPS, or any commercial delivery company. If you are mailing USPS, I live on a rural route. Please take care to mark the package DO NOT BEND, FRAGILE, and place it in a sturdy container so that it doesn’t end up stuffed willy nilly in my mailbox. If you feel uncomfortable mailing your entry, I’ll try to arrange a pickup but I would ask that you coordinate with neighboring auxiliaries and districts so that I could pick up several entries at a time.

Last but not least, remember to get your reports in. I still have auxiliaries that haven’t submitted a report. The time is fast approaching for the end of year report. I will have printed copies of the Scholarship report to hand out at March Council of Admin. I expect you all to get at least one report in by March 31.

Have a good Easter and enjoy the warmer weather.

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