Legislative Mar 24

As Legislative Chairman this year I have received a lot of good reports from the Auxiliaries. Please continue to send them in as the final reports will be due soon. This program will continue to help our Veterans and families of the Service members. Please continue to use Resources Available to you in MALTA. Encourage your members to contact your legislators and congressman on bills concerning our Veterans. Be sure to continue to check the VFW website for the current Priority Goals. Working together with our elected officials can help them understand the position of our Veterans. Continue to attend town hall meetings.


Legislative Dec23

Denise Kindred e-mail

Hello All!
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving Holiday and enjoyed spending time
with family and friends. We had an election in the month of November, and I hope
everyone got out and voted. Continue to talk with your legislators about bills and
issues concerning our Veterans.
VFW Action Corps Weekly is free and it’s full of news about what’s happening on
Capitol Hill with the Veterans and service member issues and with National
Security. Subscribe at the National Website at vfwauxiliary.org by selecting “What
We Do” then click on “Legislative”.
Goals are released in January of each year by the VFW website or MALTA
Member resources for the current Priority Goals.
One of the main objectives of the Legislative Program is to improve the lives of
our Veterans, service members and families through advocacy. Thanks for all your
effort. Keep up the good work!!!!

Legislative Nov 23

Hello All!
We are off to a great start with our Legislative Program. Auxiliaries are reporting the great work being done in your community with your congressman and lawmakers. Continue to contact via phone, text, emails and town hall meetings.

Continue to use the VFW website or MALTA for Priority Goals and ideas needed to help make sure you are on the same page as the VFW.

Auxiliary Presidents, have your legislative chairman give a report at each meeting regarding current Priority Legislation, how it affects our Veterans, Service Members and their Family members along with the status of the bills.

To follow the progress of a bill through the stages of legislative process visit
congress.gov where you may find a specific bill by its number or by a key word or phrase (link to search phrase “Veteran”). KEEP UP GREAT WORK.


Legislative October 2023

Denise Kindred EMAIL

As Legislative chairman I would like each Auxiliary member to be aware that this program is to help improve the lives of our Veterans, Service Members, and their families. Your efforts along with that of the VFW members can influence lawmakers. Make sure you continue to contact your legislators. Get out and talk with your congressmen, make phone calls, and send letters. Encourage your members to get out and vote. Assist your Veterans with transportation to the polls to vote, also those elderly in need of rides. 

Be sure to check the VFW website or MALTA under resources for current Priority Goals. 

1) Budget

2) Health Care

3) Disability Assistance and Memorial Affairs

4) Education, Employment and Transition Assistance

5) Military Quality of Life

6) National Security, Foreign Affairs and POW/MIA

Please continue to use Resources available to you in MALTA

Legislative Bulletin-Sept 23

Denise Kindred (601) 466-1409

This year as legislative chairman I would like to work with each auxiliary on issues supporting our Veterans. We must promote bills that will help our Veterans and family members.

It is very important that our members understand the importance and impact
these bills will have on us. Let’s keep in touch with our Legislators and elected

Get out and vote, encourage others to do so.

Educate your members in the use of MALTA and the Resources available to them.

1) VFW Action Corps Weekly
2) VFW Auxiliary Guide to contacting your legislators
3) VFW Auxiliary Guide to the Legislative Process

Resources provides:
1) VFW Legislative Priorities
2) VFW Priority Goals
3) VFW Fact Sheet

Legislative -July 23

Denise Kindred (601) 466-1409                                                                                              

  My name is Denise Kindred I am excited to serve as your Legislative Chairman this upcoming year. We will work hard to promote the program and promote Legislative and the issues that concern our Veterans .We can make a difference by voicing our concerns ,voting and supporting the Bills that relate to the Veterans. We need to visit our website and continue follow the Newsletter,

-Sign up for Action Corp Weekly Newsletter

-Educate yourself and members on VFW Priority Goals

-Make a Phone call or send an email to your legislators on Veterans Issues

-Please report monthly what you are doing