Legislative Dec23

Denise Kindred e-mail

Hello All!
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving Holiday and enjoyed spending time
with family and friends. We had an election in the month of November, and I hope
everyone got out and voted. Continue to talk with your legislators about bills and
issues concerning our Veterans.
VFW Action Corps Weekly is free and it’s full of news about what’s happening on
Capitol Hill with the Veterans and service member issues and with National
Security. Subscribe at the National Website at vfwauxiliary.org by selecting “What
We Do” then click on “Legislative”.
Goals are released in January of each year by the VFW website or MALTA
Member resources for the current Priority Goals.
One of the main objectives of the Legislative Program is to improve the lives of
our Veterans, service members and families through advocacy. Thanks for all your
effort. Keep up the good work!!!!