Chief of Staff – July 23

Laurie Williamson

I want to start this Program year off with a couple of things we all know, but sometimes need to be
reminded of;
5 Essentials of an Auxiliary
The National Organization requires only five (5) things of an Auxiliary:

  1. Auxiliaries should have at least ten (10) business meetings per year. (Sec. 210) Five
    members in good standing, of that Auxiliary SHALL constitute a quorum for the
    transaction of business. (Sec. 212)
  2. Dues should be paid by at least ten (10) members on or before February 1 of the
    current year. (Sec. 207)
  3. Quarterly Audits by Trustees MUST be submitted. (Sec. 814)
  4. Officers elected, installed and reported to National Headquarters no later than June 30.
    This generates the bond application via email. (Sec.804A and 806A)
  5. The offices of the President and the Treasurer MUST be bonded by August 31.
    Maintaining Current Auxiliaries
    The National Organization has developed many resources for members to use. The Online Auxiliary
    Academy offers everything from videos to PDF files to Power Point presentations to help strengthen
    your Auxiliary. MALTA also offers valuable tools in Member Resources. These resources have proven
    to be helpful in assisting Auxiliaries be more productive.
  6. The Healthy Auxiliary Tool Kit includes seven (7) resources to assist Auxiliaries in
    identifying and solving issues:
    ▪ Healthy Auxiliary Checklist
    ▪ Healthy Auxiliary Member Questionnaire
    ▪ Auxiliary Meeting Clinic
    ▪ Communication Phone/Text Tree
    ▪ Good Job Certificate
    ▪ Healthy Auxiliary Certificate
    ▪ VFW Auxiliary Mentoring Guide
  7. Building on the VFW Auxiliary Foundation can educate members on duties of the
    Officers, how to be a Chairman and the Why of reporting. As well as more valuable
    Working with your Auxiliary is the only to identify issues and solve them before it gets out of hand.