Chief of Staff Nov23

Laurie Williamson

I was so happy to see so many of you last month at our Council of
Administration/School of Instruction in Gulfport. So much wonderful information was shared by our knowledgable and dedicated Program Chairmen. Great information to SHARE with your Auxiliaries. Remember, the information you learn at our Department meetings is not private. It is meant to be shared with those of your members that are unable to attend.

District Presidents…I know you are getting those Inspections taken care of. Please make sure you are sending those copies to the Dept. President, the Dept. Secretary and to me. We need you to be honest on these reports to insure that any issues can be addressed sooner rather than later. I would love for all the Inspections to be completed by December 31, 2023. Congratulations to District 4, President Dawn, for completing ALL the Auxiliary Inspections and sending them to me. Thank you President Dawn.

To all those that will be going to Southern Conference in Tulsa…Make sure you attend the Program Presentations by the Departments. A lot of information will be shared.

As I write this, the Institution for the New Stone County Auxiliary is just days away. We hope to see many of those new members at our Mid-Winter Conference in January.

Remember why you are a member of this Great Organization. We are all working towards the same goal…Support for our Veterans, Active Duty Military and their families. That’s it!!! And we can accomplish so much when we all work TOGETHER.

Let’s make this an Amazing year for the Department of Mississippi and Madam President Barbara.