Historian February 2024

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#   What is that all about?? 

Well, it is called a hash tag. It is used on social media platforms, so it is easier to find posts, pictures, etc. Our National Historian ambassador is asking that you #SNAP, Stop Now Ask Permission when you are snapping pictures of anyone. (permission slips are available for download behind MALTA log in)

During the March C of A we will be set up to take video interviews of Legacy (long-time members) that are in attendance. If you need help with ideas or video I am here to help. Entry forms are available in MALTA Member Resources. Entries are due to me by April 1, 2024 for judging and list submission to National by April 30, 2024. National will issue a citation to the Auxiliary for their participation directly.

The coolest way to share the interviews is posting them to the Department Facebook page. (make sure you tag me and #BarbaraPFranklin) We will need to submit the video to National on a thumb drive and make sure the entry form is filled out.

Some great advice from the National historian, Diana Morris:

* Greet and introduce the Legacy member with some details about them.

* Ask how they joined and why they joined.

* Perhaps have them show pictures of themselves and/or their veteran. Have them tell of some of their favorite memories. And try to bring those memories to life.

* Watch for distractions or other people in the video.

Y’all are doing amazing making history for our future while “Banding Together” and Soar Above and Beyond with One Mission – Veterans!