Youth Feb 24

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Hope all had a Healthy, happy and safe New Year. The really big holidays are here and gone BUT we have some pretty good ones coming up that will benefit our children and adults as well.

February is Black History Month and also American Heart Month. Some of the holidays include; Valentine’s Day February 14th, which is also Ash Wednesday, and Presidents Day February 19th. There are also several ‘observations’ that I thought were cute but could be fun to celebrate with the students at your local schools, they include; National Tater Tot Day and Bubblegum Day both on the 2nd. On February 4th the USO is recognized, February 8th is National Boy Scouts Day, then National Pizza Day on the 9th. Adding to the list is Armed Forces Day on the 11th, Random Acts of Kindness Day on the 17th and on the 26th is Letters to the Elder Day. These days and many that were NOT mentioned were all compliments of the World Wide Web but I thought they were interesting enough to bring up in case y’all didn’t have reason to visit your schools and give me a report on your activities.

The report year is closing in on us and the school year is more than half over. Have we had something to report with our children? If not get a group of kids and visit a nursing home in your area and distribute Valentine cards. They don’t have to be store bought, you and the kids can go visit with coloring paper and colors or pens and make them at the facility. The look on an elderly’ face could melt your heart with his or her smile when a child visits them and sits a few minutes. But we really don’t have just Valentines Day to do this, we could visit ANY day. Think, some of us just might be there in the near future and would like a little company.

The Department coloring contest DEADLINE will be March the 15th. Please turn in all entries to Jackie Truelove, Denise Kindred or Doreen Rugg before or on that date. The winners will be announced at the Council of Administration that week-end.

Thank you all is advance for contributing to this Department’s Youth program and as I mentioned earlier, the report year deadline will be on us earlier than you think. Please get with the youth in your community and have fun with some kids, I heard they keep you young.

Until next time, Happy Valentines Day to all!