Historian-Media Relations – July 23

Historian & Media Relations

According to Article VIII, Sec. 822 of the National Bylaws, “The Historian shall collect all authentic material pertaining to the history of their Auxiliary, carefully compile the same, and submit a report at the end of the year.”

The Auxiliary and District Historian & Media Relations


Our job as Historians & Media Relations Chairmen is to capture the 2023-2024 Program Year. At the Auxiliary/District/Department, we are the ones who shares the word about our Auxiliary to our communities. As Chairmen we should promote the Auxiliary through media, VFW & Auxiliary newsletters, websites and any other media that is available to us.

MEDIA: there are several resources available behind your MALTA login to help guide you through contacting/submitting news articles to the media. (Please share your submission with me as well)

  • How to Share your Local Auxiliary Story Ideas and Events with Local Media – How far in advance should I contact the News outlets?
  • VFW Auxiliary Communications Award-Certificate of Recognition for Local Media – in grateful recognition of your role in providing outstanding news coverage for VFW Auxiliary # (recognition to your local media will go along way in having them advertise and attend future events.
  • VFW Auxiliary Publicity Guide – this is a how to guide book. Each Auxiliary received a printed copy of this during the August School of Instruction. (If your auxiliary President was not able to attend the District President was given your Auxiliary copy)
  • VFW-Auxiliary-Elevator Speech-What We Do – Through our National Programs, we assist the VFW pass or block legislation that impacts veterans and their families, provide nearly a million volunteer hours in the VA medical system, conduct patriotic programs with thousands of students and offer hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships for our nation’s youth.
  • VFW-Auxiliary-Local-Talking-Points – There are more than 3,600 Auxiliaries nationwide and we are working here in (your city/town name) to improve the lives of our nation’s veterans. Learn how you can get involved at www.vfwauxiliary.org and visit our Facebook page. Search for (list your Auxiliary name here).
  • and so much more….

This Program Year there are 2 projects for us. We are the tellers of the 2023-2024 story:

  1. Make a digital or physical scrapbook for your President. – Capture the special memories and activities through photos and videos and inform the public about our valuable National Programs. As Historian we will need to keep a written report of the Program Year for the Auxiliary/District/Department and give it to your President after State Convention where your scrapbooks will be judged.
  2. Connect with a legacy member and complete a three- to five-minute video interview
    • Ask why they joined.
    • Ask about their favorite memorable moment(s).
    • Place emphasis on bringing the past to life.
    • Your can also look to your District or Department for legacy stories.
    • Submit your video to me before by March 31, 2024 for judging. Videos will be judged and the 1st place video will be forwarded to National by April 30, 2024. Your winning video may be shown at National Convention!- wouldn’t that be amazing?

(send some pictures in for possible inclusion in the Mid-Winter book)

Don’t forget to grab a photo release consent form before taking pictures. Release forms can be downloaded here.

Aletta Butler 228-334-2783