Mentoring for Leadership -July 23

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Ensure a Positive Member Experience
Engage in Learning and Training Opportunities
Develop and Empower Members for Leadership Roles

Mentoring helps broaden leadership skills and leadership provides guidance for mentoring members.

What is mentoring: A stronger membership on every level of our organization to enhance all types of Program activities. Vigilance in mentoring will make the difference in obtaining and maintain members.

CARE stands for
Catch the member when they first join.
Ask them to participate.
Remember what it felt like to be new.
Engage them in a program that fits them.

What is leadership? Willingness to listen to the suggestions of others and following the guidelines set in place for the office or position held.


*Materials may be found in MALTA Member Resources

Utilize the various Membership Recruitment and Retention Tools:

Additional Requirements
Each District must hold at least one training on all programs.

Goals + Mentoring + Leadership = Healthy Auxiliaries

This year, the Department of MS VFW Auxiliary will have a Member of the Year. The winner chosen for the Department will be sent to National to be considered in the running for National VFW Auxiliary Member of the Year. The criteria for this award are as follows:

  • Description of what the Auxiliary Member has done.
  • The Auxiliary member’s work must be done during July 2023 – March 2024.  
  • The member cannot be a current Auxiliary, District or Department President.  
  • The nomination does not have to go through district.  
  • The Auxiliary member must have been a member in good standing without lapsing their membership during the 2023-2024 year.  
  • The Auxiliary member must go above and beyond.  
  • A committee will be chosen to review all nominations received by the Mentoring for Leadership Chairman.
  • The nomination form will be passed out later.