Membership March 24

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Majority of our members are family oriented. Our members either have children of their own, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews. What can we do to keep our children busy while conducting our meetings?

• Do you have any Auxiliary members who are very good with children? If you do, allow your Auxiliary members to rotate each month to come up with different activities for the children.
• Scavenger Hunt: Create a list of things children would love to find while their parents are attending their meetings. • Painting: Children love to paint different things such as their favorite character, favorite animal or something associated with their family and friends.
• Coloring Sheet: Printing pictures off related to our flag will allow children to learn about the meaning of our flag/stripes, the meaning of the stars and colors while having fun coloring.
• Crafts
• Playing games

Be creative with ways to keep our children busy while their parents/guardians are attending meetings.

Mentoring Dec23

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The information listed below will help each member to learn and understand the Auxiliary Ritual and things about our meetings.

Please note: The Conductor/Conductress is the only member to move about the floor during a meeting (Traditional and Contemporary formats) unless otherwise directed by the President.

Entering a Meeting 

· At a local Auxiliary meeting, you will enter the meeting room and once the doors are closed, all members must show a current dues card.

· At Department and National meetings, your card will be asked for at the door.

Raps of the Gavel 

· One rap = Attention

· Two raps = Rise

· Three raps = Be seated

Attention & Parade Rest

· “Attention” in the VFW Auxiliary means hands at side, head up with eyes looking straightforward. · “Parade Rest” means the left foot is m oved slightly to the side while bringing the arms to the small of the back. Clasp the left thumb in the right hand. The head is bowed slightly during prayer.

Showing Proper Respect to the Flag

· During our Ritualistic meeting, the President will say Salute” when the flags enter and leave the room, as well as when we say the Pledge of Allegiance and

sing the national anthem. Salute the Flag by placing the palm of the right hand flat over the heart.

· During Auxiliary meetings, the heart salute shall be used at all times where the salute is used. 

· A member who is also a veteran may use the military salute.

· When the Flag is displayed AND the National Anthem is played and/or sung, all present should face the Flag and salute.

· When the Flag is NOT displayed and the National Anthem is played and/or sung, all present should face the music and salute.

· Members should stand when the Flags are moving.

Showing Proper Respect for the Altar & Bible

· Members will remain seated while the Chaplain opens and closes the Bible, provided the Colors are not at the Altar. · Whenever the Chaplain is opening and closing the Bible, everyone should stop all movement and talking.

· Members will not cross between the President’s station and the Altar, as this is considered sacred ground symbolizing where our Comrades who have answered the final roll call are at rest. However, when the Bible is closed, members may pass through this area.

Addressing the President and Making a Motion

 · All remarks must be addressed to the President and not by one member to another. A member wishing to address the President will rise and say, “Mister/Madam President,” but shall not speak further until he or she has been recognized by the President.

· Making motions is your right as a member. To make a motion, you should stand and be recognized by the President and then proceed.

Mentoring for Leadership

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Ways to Engage Members

After recruiting new members and current members have started coming back to meetings, you must find different ways to keep them engaged because you do not want to lose your new and current members. How can you continue to keep members engaged? 

1. Mailing/Emailing a quarterly newsletter which includes important dates for community services, events hosted by the Post/Auxiliary, monthly Auxiliary meetings, and District/Department meetings. 

2. Contacting members via phone or sending them a “Thinking of you note” 

3. All members are to be treated fairly and equally. 

4. Auxiliary Presidents utilizing their Auxiliary meetings as a learning tool. 

5. Educating members about the different programs 

6. Social Events: activities where members are invited to engage with other members to get to know each other. 

7. Allow them to work on committees that interest them. 

8. Always be positive and not talk negative about others.

Mentoring for Leadership – August

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What are Standing Rules?

• The purpose for Standing Rules is to establish guides for specified operations, activities, events, expenses, and disbursements between Auxiliary meetings. Often Standing Rules contain the information for the Treasurer to use as a guide in reimbursing members or donations per the amount allowed in the budget. They may state what to pay, when and to whom.

Who May Have Standing Rules (Refer to Article II, Sec. 211)?

• Auxiliaries at all levels may establish Standing Rules to provide for specified operations, activities, events, expenses, and disbursements between meetings, provided such rules do not conflict with the National or Department Bylaws. It is suggested that Standing Rules be reviewed annually.

What else may be included in the Standing Rules?

  • Standing Rules may also contain general operating procedures, for example:

• What travel may be reimbursed and how much
• Department or District dues amounts
• Officers’ duties
• Annual donations

Status of a Standing Rules (Refer to Article II, Sec. 211)

• Standing Rules may be:
• Amended, modified, or rescinded at any meeting.
• Become effective immediately.
‐ If prior notice is given, Standing Rules will come up for discussion, a majority vote of those members can bring about change.
‐ If previous notice is not given, two‐thirds (2/3) vote is required.

What if there’s no Standing Rules?

• If an Auxiliary, County Council, District or Department does not have Standing Rules, business is efficiently conducted by motion made, seconded, and passed on the Auxiliary floor prior to money being disbursed or general operating procedures being conducted.
• If there is a need to clarify the budget or establish an approval for funds to be disbursed between meetings, then Standing Rules might be needed

What are samples of Standing Rules?

• Pay bond Membership dues on each level.
• Pay for flowers Love gifts.
• Pay Health & Happiness Program awards.
• Pay District Dues Travel expenses.

Mentoring for Leadership Program
Marquitta Hill

Mentoring for Leadership -July 23

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Ensure a Positive Member Experience
Engage in Learning and Training Opportunities
Develop and Empower Members for Leadership Roles

Mentoring helps broaden leadership skills and leadership provides guidance for mentoring members.

What is mentoring: A stronger membership on every level of our organization to enhance all types of Program activities. Vigilance in mentoring will make the difference in obtaining and maintain members.

CARE stands for
Catch the member when they first join.
Ask them to participate.
Remember what it felt like to be new.
Engage them in a program that fits them.

What is leadership? Willingness to listen to the suggestions of others and following the guidelines set in place for the office or position held.


*Materials may be found in MALTA Member Resources

Utilize the various Membership Recruitment and Retention Tools:

Additional Requirements
Each District must hold at least one training on all programs.

Goals + Mentoring + Leadership = Healthy Auxiliaries

This year, the Department of MS VFW Auxiliary will have a Member of the Year. The winner chosen for the Department will be sent to National to be considered in the running for National VFW Auxiliary Member of the Year. The criteria for this award are as follows:

  • Description of what the Auxiliary Member has done.
  • The Auxiliary member’s work must be done during July 2023 – March 2024.  
  • The member cannot be a current Auxiliary, District or Department President.  
  • The nomination does not have to go through district.  
  • The Auxiliary member must have been a member in good standing without lapsing their membership during the 2023-2024 year.  
  • The Auxiliary member must go above and beyond.  
  • A committee will be chosen to review all nominations received by the Mentoring for Leadership Chairman.
  • The nomination form will be passed out later.