Hospital Nov 23

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This year’s National theme “Banding Together for our Veterans”, and the Department of Mississippi’s theme, “Soaring Above and Beyond for Veterans” is the lifeblood of the Hospital Program. The volunteer efforts of our members and working together will make a huge difference in the lives of our hospitalized veterans. 


The Honors Escort Program is an opportunity to honor each veteran in a respectful and open manner and provides an opportunity for a veteran’s family and friends, other veterans, and medical facility staff to participate in a display of high regard and reverence for the individual at the time of death. 

We had an auxiliary participate in this very solemn service. Members of the hospital, other veterans, and onlookers paid their respect to a deceased veteran.

CELEBRATING NON-TRADITIONAL HOLIDAYS As we continue through the months, our National Hospital Ambassador would still like for all volunteers to think outside the box in organizing “fun” for our veterans. Our veterans love celebrating traditional holidays, but so do all the organizations who support our veterans. Maybe they would also enjoy celebrating some non-traditional holidays. Some of these November holidays are:

Plan an event that is different and usual! I am sure there are many ways to celebrate these and other different holidays for our veterans. 

Nov. 1 – National scented candle Day 

Nov. 4 – National Candy Day 

Nov. 6 – Daylight Saving Day 

Nov. 8 – Election Day 

Nov. 10- National Vanilla Cupcake Day 

These holidays are an excellent chance to show your veterans something different to celebrate. Make sure you take care of their caretakers also.


Keep in mind the “TRADITIONAL” holidays are coming up! Thanksgiving and Christmas are near. The veterans look for the extra attention they receive during these months. Try to be with them more than usual.

I have received many reports and pictures from the activities for our veterans! Keep doing all the wonderful things you have been doing! 

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and share it with the hospitalized veterans!