Outreach Jan 24

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What is the VFW Auxiliary Outreach Program?

  • Auxiliary Outreach involves Auxiliaries volunteering to help nonprofit organizations, local groups and to
    address needs in your community.
  • Focus is on volunteering, not monetary or in-kind donations.
  • Partnership where one or more Auxiliary members help another organization or group to make their project

The first step in making your Auxiliary Outreach Program successful is reaching into your
Here are a few other basic steps:

  • Find local groups and organizations in need of assistance.
  • Ask what your Auxiliary can do to help them.
  • Vote at an Auxiliary meeting to approve the activity.
  • Form a partnership.
  • Report the details.

Suggestions for VFW Auxiliary Outreach

  • Assist with local fundraising walks as a volunteer, not an entrant.
  • Help your local library by working at book fairs.
  • Assist with local youth activities and at senior centers.
  • Help your town or city during elections but remain nonpartisan.

Benefits of the Auxiliary Outreach Program

  • Helping others
  • Learning new skills
  • Meeting new people
  • Developing a sense of purpose
  • Personal growth

Always Remember to

  • Wear your VFW Auxiliary attire (name badge, shirt, hat, jacket, etc.)
  • Report the number of hours volunteered.