Veterans & Family Jan 24

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“Soaring Above and Beyond for Our Veterans”

Hello to all Super Supporters!

During the last days of this year we should reflect on the many blessings that we have shared as well as received.  I share my gratitude for all of our auxiliary members who have enriched the lives of our veterans, their families and our active duty members.  Be loud and be proud of all you have accomplished, from that one small thing to many big things or events.  It all matters to a veteran or their family and that is our goal with this program. I love hearing about all the big things that are reported on, especially at Christmas but do not forget to let me know if you only made a phone call to a veteran because it is more than JUST a call to that veteran. 

As we continue to work together, doing all the wonderful things that you do for our veterans, I urge you to report on any and all of what you are doing in support of our veterans. The report is short and you can call, text a message or picture, email or snail mail a report form to me.  

I am deeply grateful for each of you.  I wish you and your families much love, joy and peace in the coming year and that you always share that with our veterans. 

“Banding Together for Our Veterans”

I am always available to you for any questions or to help with reports.