Veterans & Family Support Feb 24

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“Soaring Above and Beyond for Our Veterans”

Greetings my Super Supporters!

Now that we have made it through January’s snow and ice (for some of us) that precluded us from meeting for our Mid-Winter convention, we need to continue looking forward.  There is always work to be done and support to be given!  I encourage you to continue looking for and thinking of new ways to support our veterans and their families, in addition to the ever present direct aid.  This includes but not limited to meals, transportation, cards, phone calls/text messages or donations (monetary).  Go sit with a veteran or give a family member a break from taking care of their veteran. It is very important to remember those caregivers! Take them a treat as well or just to visit. One of our auxiliaries was able to visit a World War II veteran who has been homebound fighting cancer and said he felt “forgotten”. What a blessing for all of those involved!

Let’s also not forget to promote and support our programs within Veterans and Family Support.  These include National Veterans Support (NVS), Military Assistance (MAP), Unmet Needs, Disaster Relief and Veterans & Military Suicide Preventation/Mental Health Awareness.  These are all worthy programs to help our veterans or military in different ways.  

Some dates to remember as your auxiliaries make plans of support for this month:

 the week of February 12 is National Salute to Veteran Patients and also Valentine’s Day.

Plan an outing to visit your local VA hospital or nursing homes and thank those veterans plus I think they like treats! Show lots of love, they deserve all that and more for their sacrifices they made for all of us.

As always, I remind you to get your reports in to me, time is flying by and I want to be able to recognize you for your hard work for our veterans. I will take the information however it is easiest for you to share it, by mail, email, text or simply call me and I will take the information that way. I would love to talk to you! I am deeply grateful for each of you and the love and support you show our veterans. Keep up the great work!

“Banding Together for Our Veterans”

I am always available to help with any questions concerning your reports.

                   REPORT the SUPPORT!