Veterans & Family Support October 23

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“Soaring Above and Beyond for our Veterans”

Hello to all my Super Supporters!

  August sure has been a busy month for all of you.  I know you are sending meals and providing transportation to different places and just calling to check on our veterans and their family members.  There have been events going on such as suicide prevention walks to promote suicide awareness and to remember our 22+ veterans that we lose on a daily basis.  There was also a veterans giveaway of clothing and other items this month.  I love seeing all this activity in your communities and I know that there are more events planned in the coming months.  Keep up the great work.

Remember to also continue to promote the National Veterans Service (NVS), Military Assistance (MAPS) , Unmet Needs and “Sports Clips Help a Hero Scholarship”.   The Unmet Needs under the Veterans and Military Support (VMS) has had a change. The new grant amount has changed from $1500.00 to $2500.00 but veterans are no longer eligible. These grants are only for active duty members whose hardship is a result of current deployment, military pay error or military related injuries while on active duty. Please make note of this  change.  

Continue to utilize the awesome Veterans & Family Support materials/resources available on the National website, 

I have been doing training on this program at district school of instructions.  If your district is having one, please let me know. I would be happy to come and share information.  I hope to see everyone at our upcoming School of Instruction/Council of Administration meeting October 20-22, 2023 in Gulfport.

May we always stand united, in front of, beside and in back of all OUR veterans, to support them.

“Banding Together for Our Veterans”

I am always available for questions or to help with your reports. 


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