Youth Activities November 23

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WOW! What a hot summer! I love the fall with the cooler weather and hopefully colder weather behind it. But I also love the Thanksgiving season which I celebrate all year round thanks to the dedication of the men and women that have selfishly given their time for the preservation of freedom for all of us back here at home.

FREEDOM and what that really means to us. What a great thing to instill in our youth! The love of freedom and we have that opportunity to do it each and every day and some of you are. Have any of you thought of going to the schools or ‘youth’ gatherings and talked of some of the reasons we have Thanksgiving and continue to have this wonderful holiday (and all holidays)? What wonderful things we can ‘pass on’ to our children. As everyone knows, kids of all ages watch everything we do and want to be just like Mom and Dad.

We have several programs that help to strengthen the love of country, freedom and the liberties we enjoy every day. Patriotism through programs such as ‘Illustrating America Art Contest’, ‘3 Dimensional Patriotic Art Contest’, and ‘Get excited about the Red, White and Blue’ or just a few. Several of you have asked about the Department coloring contest and we have brought it back this year. If your president didn’t get the pictures at Council, contact me and I will get them to you.

Are you helping your post promote the Voice of Democracy and Patriot’s Pen programs for our youth? Children in the ‘home school’ program are also eligible for all the above programs. If anyone needs help with anything, call me or check on our the web site for more information on any program the VFW or Auxiliary sponsor.

Please remember to fill out report forms on the web or send hard copies, anyway you want I’ll take them.

Thank you for the time you spend on this program and have a safe and healthy Thanksgiving and remember the veterans deployed this and every holiday season.

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