Youth Activities October 2023

Betty Doucet EMAIL 228-990-6969

Ladies and gentlemen….how time has flown! September is gone and holidays are around the corner. And speaking of holidays, has your auxiliary reported the Easter events during the month of April. As most of you know,

I have spoken to or left word with all the Presidents of each auxiliary regarding name and contact information for the Youth Committee chairman.

I have been surprised at all the various work you have done in and around your community for our veterans with and without the youth. I’m so glad I contacted each one of you. They were enlightening conversations. As most of you knew our reporting year ended on March 31 so I was jogging your minds about activities that may have been forgotten ie. Easter egg hunts, after school parties, pool parties, Vacation Bible school, Scouts activities, reading at the Library, Boys and Girls Club functions etc. etc.. AND don’t forget the pictures some of you have promised to bring. Some of you have already been on the ‘web’ to file your reports, thank you.

If you do activities that aren’t mentioned on my form I will gladly take those

also. Everything that is done can’t be mentioned on such short paper.

Working with the young people can be so rewarding and refreshing to our spirits. Does anyone need tips for ‘working with the youth’? There is a list of them on the web and I’ll bring some with me at our next Council of Administration in October.

Fellow brothers and sisters, the Youth of today are our LEADERS of tomorrow and we have the opportunity to shape that future for the good of our country. We set examples for the young and they watch us all the time.

If you have some free time, consider ‘adopting’ a school, classroom, youth club or group and get that ‘feel great’ feeling. You will not regret it.

Remember, report, report, and report. Thank you for all you do.