Youth March 24

March has some little known or publicized holidays in it, one being National Anthem Day, March 3rd, and National K9 Veterans Day on March 13th. Could you consider having a celebration day at your local school for either of these, I’m sure the kids would love it and planning either would get your creative juices in overdrive. A very well known holiday is St. Patrick’s Day, a fun time to spend with children, looking for four leaf clovers and a great time to teach them how the Irish played a part in founding this great country.

(Sing along) Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail, hoppin’ down the bunny trail, hippidy hoppidy Easter’s on it’s way. We’re right around the corner to finishing the report year, at the end of this month, and I want to be sure ALL of you have been collecting the ‘eggs’ in the basket to turn in, (in case you haven’t already). This month is a very special month because of EASTER, my favorite holiday because the Lord has risen. It is also the time we can do a lot with our youth. Some ideas for your Easter egg hunts would be to fill some of those plastic eggs with tiny little American flags, or red, white and blue candies, or have a Patriotic Easter bunny as a grand prize for winners for the hunt. I know some of you have great ideas for the Easter theme.

Did anyone visit the schools for Presidents’ Day? Has anyone donated their time reading books from the library? Some really good reports have been coming in about work being done at the schools. And you don’t have to go to the schools to work with the youth, you can join them in the scouts or boy and girls club events. Some volunteer their time coaching baseball, football, soccer and even swimming.

These are the times when the children watch us and some ‘hang’ on every word we say and this is a time we can instill in them the love of country, patriotism and American values. Believe it or not, they are listening. We are setting the example so let’s please set a good one.

Hats off to all who have made this a great program to work with. May all the youth you have encountered leave with great memories of what they will take with them in their future. Signing off for now, Betty