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Auxiliary Outreach Dec23

Deborah Turner (601) 506-9430 Email report form

Our programs are designed to bring needed services, information, and assistance to these target groups. Veterans, service members, their families, and our communities.

Volunteering is second nature for VFW Auxiliary members. It’s what we do, how we do it, where we do it and why we do it – because it’s always the right thing to do.

While emphasis is placed on our core VFW and Auxiliary Programs, Auxiliaries also partner with other community organizations. Auxiliaries can report and be recognized for such community work through the Auxiliary Outreach Program.

When an entire Auxiliary partners with another organization outside our own, it is considered Auxiliary Outreach if the project was approved by the Auxiliary and recorded in the meeting minutes prior to the project. Search your community for great partnerships.

For example:

An individual can cook for and feed several Homeless Veterans and people in the community and that’s honorable but if you partner with and established soup kitchen it can mean feeding hundreds per day and that is making a difference on a much larger scale. 

Other examples include:

Working with local police on child ID kits.

Working with firefighters on fire safety and prevention.

Working with EMTs to host CPR training.

Handing out food at soup kitchens.

Partnering with an animal shelter to hold a spay and neuter clinic.

Auxiliaries are responsible for so many good deeds that help our communities. VFW Auxiliary members work with other organizations in their communities, often individually, and often behind the scenes, but Auxiliary Outreach gives us the opportunity to work together as members alongside members of another organization to do more with local communities and to be recognized in doing so. Collectively, all our projects need to be counted to effectively show the importance of the local VFW and VFW Auxiliary to the community.

Thanks for all you do. Don’t hesitate to contact me.

Historian/Media Relations Dec23

Aletta Butler (228) 334-2783 EMAIL monthly report form

send pictures to Madam President via email questions email

HEY MISSISSIPPI!!! Lets get something going on!!

The Historian & Media Relations Program encompasses memory keeping and collecting the five Ws: the who-what-where-when and-why of an Auxiliary. Members involved with this program compile and chronicle memories and events in written format, photographs, memorabilia and print news/video clips. They also spread the word about our valuable National Programs and share how we are making a positive impact in the lives of veterans, service members and their families in thousands of communities across the country. (off National website)

You are the one in your Auxiliary to reach out to all of the media sources in your area.  A list of media resources in Mississippi. If you have a contact that you would like to add to the list, or find data that needs to be updated, email it to me so we can keep this list updated for the future.

To help spread the word the National organization has given us a ton of resources to help us on the way… (a small part of Historian/Media Relations info found in MALTA cut up and ‘collaged’ together to make it easier for you to announce all the AWESOME work your Auxiliary is doing)

Who do you contact?

 At the weekly newspaper, ask for the Editor.

 At the daily newspaper, ask for the City or Metro Editor, or the Editor or columnist for the section or column where you want your article to run.

 At radio stations, ask for the News Director, if it is newsworthy; Program Director, for a talk show or the calendar.

 At TV stations, ask for the News Director or Assignment Editor if you want the station to cover an event.

 For a TV talk show, ask for the Program Director or the Producer of the show.

 If you don’t know whom to contact, ask the person answering the phone.

 Keep a list of contacts at local newspapers, radio stations and TV stations

Before you contact anyone to cover an event your Auxiliary is hosting or participating in, answer the following questions:

 Are local people involved? (yes or no)

 Is the event happening in the near future – within the next month? (yes or no)  Will non-members be interested in attending or hearing about the event? (yes or no)

 Will the event help the local community? (yes or no) If yes, how? (describe)

 Is the activity or event unique? (yes or no)

 Does the activity or event promote a new idea or concept? (yes or no)

What is Newsworthy?

 Events hosted by an Auxiliary at a VA facility

 Decorating graves for Veterans Day and Memorial Day; participating in Wreaths Across America.

 Assisting families of deployed troops (Hosting holiday events, i.e. Christmas parties, Easter Egg hunts, Trick-or-Treat events, offering financial assistance)

 Adopting a Unit through the VFW’s Veteran and Military Support Program.

 Collecting supplies for deployed troops.

 Meeting troops at the airport as they return from deployment and helping them complete their journey home.

 Members and youth who are participating in a “Buddy” ® Poppy Drive or POW/MIA remembrance ceremony.

 Scholarship winners such as the winner of the Young American Creative Patriotic Art Contest.

 Flag presentations to community groups.

 Publicizing what your Auxiliary has done to help natural disaster victims.

 National President’s Visit.

 Repairs on a Veteran’s Home/Building a Wheelchair Ramp/etc.

 Walks/Runs/Events to raise awareness/funds for Veteran Issues/PTSD.

Press Releases:

(You want to start by telling the media source who ya’ll are, how to contact you for more information and what is going on:)

VFW Post & Auxiliary [insert Name/Post Number] are excited to announce the kick-off of the VFW Auxiliary’s annual scholarships & contests for kindergarten through high school students who may compete for thousands of dollars in scholarships and prize earnings.

Young American Creative Patriotic Art Contest – Students submit an original two-dimensional piece of artwork. Entry must have completed during the current school year. Student entries must be submitted to VFW Auxiliary [insert Name/Post Number] by March 31, 2024. Students begin by competing at the local VFW Auxiliary level. The first-place winner from each Auxiliary advances to the Department (state) competition. Department first-place winners compete for their share of $34,500 in national awards, and the national first-place winner is awarded a $15,000 scholarship. To download an entry form, visit

3-Dimensional Dimensional Patriotic Art Contest – Students submit an original three-dimensional piece of artwork. Entry must have completed during the current school year.Students begin by competing at the local VFW Auxiliary level. Student entries must be submitted to VFW Auxiliary [insert Name/Post Number] by March 31, 2024. The first-place winner from each Auxiliary advances to the Department (state) competition. Department first-place winners compete for their share of $5,500 in national awards, and the national first-place winner is awarded a $2,500 scholarship. To download an entry form, visit

Illustrating America – Students in grades K-8 can participate in this patriotic art contest that encourages students’ artistic abilities as they express how they see America through drawings and paintings. The contest consists of three grade divisions: K-2, 3-5 and 6-8. Winners in each division receive VISA gift cards ranging in value from $25-$100. Entrants are due to [insert Name/Post Number] by March 31, 2024. Find more information at

(don’t forget to add the wording below on everything that you send out to the media)

About the VFW Auxiliary: The VFW Auxiliary is one of the nation’s oldest veterans’ service organizations. Our members are the relatives of those who served in a location of foreign conflict. We have nearly 470,000 members representing all 50 states, Panama, Guam and the Philippines who volunteer millions of hours and give millions of dollars to support veterans, military service personnel, their families and communities. Learn more at


(Challenge for December- publish a public article of something your Auxiliary and Post has done over Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years. This can be a FB LIVE on your Post/Auxiliary/personal public Facebook, advertising on the radio station, be highlighted on the community section during the local news program, article in the newspaper, Tik Tok – instagram – you tube public station. – as always if you are interested in any of this and not sure where or how to start give me a call) Bring or send this to me at Mid-Winter each entry will receive a special gift. -don’t forget to report it  😉

                  We are making HISTORY for our future!


Be safe and I pray you and your family a very Merry Christmas and an amazing New Year.

Membership Dec23

Michelle Brinson (601) 734-8160 EMAIL monthly report form

Hello everyone. Hope all of you had a blessed Thanksgiving. So hard to believe that Christmas will be here before we know it and then the New Year. Let’s look at what Membership means to our organization but, most importantly, to our Veterans. Membership is the lifeblood of our organization and, without members, we would not have the voice that we have and would not be able to accomplish the great things that we do in support of and for our Veterans. Without each of you and without new members, who will take care of our Veterans? It’s scary to think about, or should be. Why? Because each of you matter not only to your Auxiliary, District, Department, and Organization, but because each of you matter to our Veterans. 

As a reminder, if you have officers who have not yet paid their dues for the year, in accordance with Sec. 109 of our National Bylaws, “…No officer may be relieved of their office except for the following reasons: Non-payment of dues prior to December 31. Once relieved from office, the member may not be re-elected or appointed to any position until the member’s dues are paid…” 

This year, we need to retain 778 continuous annual members (annual members who renew or convert to a life member) compared to 840 continuous annual members last year. As of November 28, 2023, we have had 337 annual members renew their dues and 50 annual members convert to a life member; sadly, however, we have already lost 1 annual member who passed away. So, what does this mean? This means we have 390 annual members who have not yet renewed their dues or converted to a life member. The question we need to answer is why. Why are we losing so many members who do not choose to renew their dues, and what can we do to change this trend and keep members active and involved? With that in mind, now is the time to please be sure to contact those continuous annual members who have not yet renewed their dues or converted to a life member. Remember, you can generate dues reminder notices in MALTA to mail to your annual members and/or you can reach out to them by phone, letter, text, message, email, or face-to-face. Please encourage their participation and let them know how important they are to your auxiliary, our organization, and to all Veterans and their families. Also, please be sure to remind them of the eligibility requirements for the Cancer Grant, which are as follows: “Applicant must be a member of the VFW Auxiliary for one (1) full year and current dues must be paid…” While we all hate to lose members for any reason, we do not want any of our members to lose their eligibility because they are not current in paying their dues. 

So far this year, we have gained 56 new annual members, 6 rejoin annual members, 20 new life members. and 1 rejoin life member. Sadly, however, we have also already lost 40 life members who have passed away. As of November 28, 2023, our “Current Total” Membership (excluding our 41 deceased members) was 2,535 or 87.84% and our “Paid Total” Membership (including our 41 deceased members) was 2,576 or 89.26%. 

So, Lights, Camera, Action: 

Remember, this year, we are incorporating movies into our Membership Program, and we want to make it fun for all and help our Southern Conference Director win the prestigious award for Best Picture of the 2023-2024 Program Year. So, let’s all “Band Together” to help make this happen by inviting new members, investing in all members, and including current members. Keep all members informed, encourage their participation, and get them involved in activities/events. Have a Plan that includes: • Contacting current members; • Outreach to former members; • Recruiting events for new members; • Picking a mentor for a new member; •Planning at least four recruiting events in your community each year. 

Membership Program Awards:

 ● Awards for Members:

 1. Lights, Camera, Action! pin to each VFW and VFW Auxiliary member who recruits five (5) new members to the VFW Auxiliary from July 1, 2023, through May 31, 2024. The Department Treasurer must enter membership in MALTA with credit given to the recruiter by June 10, 2024. Lights, Camera, Action! pin will be mailed directly to the member from National Headquarters. 

2. National Membership Achievement (NMA) Award to each VFW and VFW Auxiliary member who recruits 20 new members to the VFW Auxiliary from July 1, 2023, through May 31, 2024. The Department Treasurer must enter membership in MALTA with credit given to the recruiter by June 10, 2024. NMA Award to be presented at the 2024 National Convention in Louisville, Kentucky. If a member is not in attendance, the award will be mailed directly to the member from National Headquarters after the National Convention. 

3. Lights, Camera, Action! VFW Auxiliary Recruiter Drawing. Each VFW Auxiliary National Membership Achievement Award recipient will be entered into a drawing to receive a $500 Visa Gift Card (VFW Recruiters are not eligible). Recruiter Award Forms are no longer needed for VFW Auxiliary members. Reports are compiled by VFW Auxiliary National Headquarters from information entered in MALTA. VFW members who recruit new VFW Auxiliary members will need to fill out the required VFW members-only form that is available on MALTA Member Resources. Completed form must be received at VFW Auxiliary National Headquarters and Department Treasurer must enter membership in MALTA by June 10, 2024. 

Awards for Auxiliaries: 

1. $25 to each Auxiliary that reaches 98% Plus in Paid Total Membership by March 31, 2024*. 

2. $25 to each Auxiliary that reaches 100% Plus in Paid Total Membership by June 30, 2024*. 

3. Lights, Camera, Action! VFW Auxiliary Drawing. Each VFW Auxiliary that reaches 101% Plus in Paid Total Membership by June 30, 2024* will be entered into a one time drawing to receive $500. I am very happy to report that 12 auxiliaries have already met or exceeded some or all of the aforementioned goals. 

● Awards for Departments: 

1. Bronze Department Award #1: $200 to each Department that reaches 95% Plus in Paid Total Membership or 2,742 total members (including deaths) by November 30, 2023*. We need 166 annual members to renew their dues or convert to a life member (out of the 390 annual members who have not yet done so) and/or new/rejoin annual/life members. 

2. Silver Department Award #2: $250 to each Department that reaches 98% Plus in Paid Total Membership or 2,829 total members (including deaths) by March 31, 2024*. 

3. Gold Department Award #3: $300 to each Department that reaches 100% Plus in Paid Total Membership or 2,886 total members (including deaths) by June 30, 2024*. 

4. Platinum Department Award #4: $400 to each Department that reaches 101% Plus in Paid Total Membership or 2,915 total members (including deaths) by June 30, 2024*. Departments that receive the Platinum Department Award #4 for $400 will still receive the Gold Department Award #3 for $300 for a combined total of $700. 

Conference vs. Conference: 

1. $50 to each Department within the Conference with the highest total percentage by January 31, 2024*. 

2. $50 to each Department within the Conference with the highest total percentage by June 30, 2024* 

*Based on the June 30, 2023, year-end membership numbers. 

Report Your Membership Activities Monthly. 

Please remember to complete the monthly reporting form online at or by downloading and completing the form and sending it to me via regular mail at Michele Brinson, or by email at no later than the 5th day of each month if possible. If you have problems completing the reporting form online or sending it via regular mail or email, you may call me or text me with your information at 901-734-8160. 

Can we reach our goals? I have had the honor to work with you and have seen what all of you have done for the past 2 years, and I believe that we can! Christmas and the New Year are fast approaching and what an amazing gift it would be to renew your membership or convert to a life member in honor of your Veteran(s). Please reach out to your lapsed/unpaid members and encourage them to renew or convert in honor of their Veteran(s) today but no later than December 31, 2023. Let’s continue to honor our Veterans, our Service men and women, their families, our communities, and our organization by keeping our membership current, being involved/active, and by asking others to join.

Remember, our membership and service matter–You matter and, by “Banding Together,” we can do so much for those who have sacrificed and done so much for our Country and for all of us. Merry Christmas and God bless you all. See you in January. ♥️🎄♥️ 

Soaring Above and Beyond for Veterans

Mentoring Dec23

Marquitta Hill 601.596.7546 EMAIL monthly report form

The information listed below will help each member to learn and understand the Auxiliary Ritual and things about our meetings.

Please note: The Conductor/Conductress is the only member to move about the floor during a meeting (Traditional and Contemporary formats) unless otherwise directed by the President.

Entering a Meeting 

· At a local Auxiliary meeting, you will enter the meeting room and once the doors are closed, all members must show a current dues card.

· At Department and National meetings, your card will be asked for at the door.

Raps of the Gavel 

· One rap = Attention

· Two raps = Rise

· Three raps = Be seated

Attention & Parade Rest

· “Attention” in the VFW Auxiliary means hands at side, head up with eyes looking straightforward. · “Parade Rest” means the left foot is m oved slightly to the side while bringing the arms to the small of the back. Clasp the left thumb in the right hand. The head is bowed slightly during prayer.

Showing Proper Respect to the Flag

· During our Ritualistic meeting, the President will say Salute” when the flags enter and leave the room, as well as when we say the Pledge of Allegiance and

sing the national anthem. Salute the Flag by placing the palm of the right hand flat over the heart.

· During Auxiliary meetings, the heart salute shall be used at all times where the salute is used. 

· A member who is also a veteran may use the military salute.

· When the Flag is displayed AND the National Anthem is played and/or sung, all present should face the Flag and salute.

· When the Flag is NOT displayed and the National Anthem is played and/or sung, all present should face the music and salute.

· Members should stand when the Flags are moving.

Showing Proper Respect for the Altar & Bible

· Members will remain seated while the Chaplain opens and closes the Bible, provided the Colors are not at the Altar. · Whenever the Chaplain is opening and closing the Bible, everyone should stop all movement and talking.

· Members will not cross between the President’s station and the Altar, as this is considered sacred ground symbolizing where our Comrades who have answered the final roll call are at rest. However, when the Bible is closed, members may pass through this area.

Addressing the President and Making a Motion

 · All remarks must be addressed to the President and not by one member to another. A member wishing to address the President will rise and say, “Mister/Madam President,” but shall not speak further until he or she has been recognized by the President.

· Making motions is your right as a member. To make a motion, you should stand and be recognized by the President and then proceed.

Veterans & Family Support Dec23

Becki Todd 901-262-8183 EMAIL

“Soaring Above and Beyond for Our Veterans”

Greetings and Happy Holidays to all my Super Supporters!

We made it through Thanksgiving and now on to Christmas.  Please remember our veterans and their families during this holiday season, not only to take meals but to just check on them.  The holidays can be so lonely for those that are alone.  Take them to look at Christmas lights or to a community Christmas parade.  Is your auxiliary making Christmas cards for our veterans homes and/or taking goodies to them? Let me know and for goodness sake fill out one of those reports!  

I want to thank and encourage all of you to continue doing the wonderful work that you already do in taking care of our veterans and their families. Don’t forget to also take care of yourself and your families as well.

“Banding Together for Our Veterans”

I am always available for questions or to help with your reports.  Call me, email or text.


Chief of Staff Dec23

Laurie Williamson 601-517-0309 Email online report form

As we move from Thanksgiving to Christmas, we have to remember our Mission…taking care of our Veterans, Active Service Members and their Families. But we also need to make sure our Auxiliary Brothers and Sisters are taken care of too. Check on those that you may not have seen in a while. Include all your members in Post activities. For any of your members that may be alone at Christmas, find time to visit and make them feel like a part of our Auxiliary Family. 

I’m still waiting on Inspection reports…Districts 3, 5 and 7? Have they been completed and the reports just not sent to me? If anyone needs assistance completing their Inspections, please let Madam President Barbara or myself know. We can assist in getting them completed. And remember, be truthful about what is going on in the Auxiliaries. If you don’t tell us, we can’t help. Always better to catch the issues early. Healthy is what we are striving for in ALL of Auxiliaries. 

The Half-Way mark is here! June will be here before we know it. Let’s all continue to work to make Madam President Barbara’s year Great!!! 

I’m here to help you any where that I can. Just let me know what you need. May you all have a Blessed Christmas with Family and Friends. 

Yours in Service.

Hospital Dec23

Carol Fetters 228-596-5014 Email Monthly Report Form

This year’s National themeBanding Together for our Veterans”, and the Department of Mississippi’s theme, Soaring Above and Beyond for Veterans” is the lifeblood of the Hospital Program. The volunteer efforts of our members and working together will make a huge difference in the lives of our hospitalized veterans.


The VA and other health care facilities are always needing volunteers. Please enlist some of your members to make the sacrifice to help the patients at the hospitals and nursing homes.

Volunteers can serve in local hospitals, Veterans’ homes, nursing homes, domiciliaries and both VA and non-VA medical clinics and facilities. Anyone can serve; Members, non-members, youth and families. Volunteers can do many things depending on the facility. Some facilities have varying types of opportunities to suit different ages and abilities. Some facilities have a volunteer program in place with specific jobs, events and needs. Whichever facility is available, make sure you know and follow the guidelines of the facility.

Auxiliary members can earn Hospital Volunteer Service Pins from National Headquarters. Your Auxiliary Hospital Chairman should keep track of all volunteers’ hours (both VA and non-VA) and apply for the pins. Non-members can earn a one-time only volunteer pin for 100 hours.


As we continue through the months, our National Hospital Ambassador would still like for all volunteers to think outside the box in organizing “fun” for our veterans. Our veterans love celebrating traditional holidays, but so do all the organizations who support our veterans. Christmas and the New Year are holidays that everyone sees our veterans in the hospitals and nursing homes. Maybe they would also enjoy celebrating some non-traditional holidays. Some of these December holidays are:

I am sure there are many ways to celebrate these and other different holidays for our veterans.

Dec. 3 – Make a Gift Day

Dec. 9 – Christmas Card Day

Dec. 16 – Boston Tea Party

Dec. 24 – National Egg Nog Day (Serve them several kinds of egg nog)

Dec. 30- Bacon Day (I bet they would love BACON)

These non-traditional holidays are an excellent chance to show your veterans something different to celebrate. Make sure you take care of their caretakers also.


Keep in mind the “TRADITIONAL” holidays are coming up! Thanksgiving and Christmas are near. The veterans look for the extra attention they receive during these months. Try to be with them more than usual.

I hope everyone has a wonderful, healthy and safe Christmas.

Buddy Poppy Dec23

Tanya Constant (360) 990-1508 Email monthly report form

Buddy Poppy proceeds represent no profit to any VFW unit. All money contributed by the public for Buddy Poppies is used for members of the Armed Forces, veterans’ welfare, or for the well-being of needy dependents, widows and orphans of veterans.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States was the first veterans organization to promote a nationally organized campaign for the annual distribution of poppies assembled by disabled and needy veterans.

The poppy movement was inspired by the poem “In Flanders Fields,” written by Col. John McCrae of the Canadian forces before the United States entered World War I. Distributing replicas of the original Flanders Poppy originated in some Allied countries immediately after the Armistice. No definite organized distribution of poppies on a nationwide scale was conducted in America until 1921, when the Franco-American Children’s League distributed poppies ostensibly for the benefit of children in the devastated areas of France and Belgium. Madame Guerin, who was recognized as “the poppy lady from France,” sought and received the cooperation of the VFW of the U.S. in early 1922, after the Franco-American Children’s League was dissolved. The VFW conducted a poppy campaign prior to Memorial Day 1922, using only poppies made in France. In the 1923 poppy campaign, due to difficulty and delay in getting poppies from France, the VFW used French poppies that were on hand, and the balance was provided by a firm in New York City manufacturing artificial flowers. During the 1923 campaign, the VFW evolved the idea which resulted in the VFW “Buddy”® Poppy fashioned by disabled and needy veterans who were paid for their work. This plan was formally presented for adoption to the 1923 Encampment at Norfolk, Virginia.

Immediately thereafter, the VFW Buddy Poppy factory was established in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where all the VFW Buddy Poppies for the 1924 campaign were assembled by disabled veterans. Gen. Frank T. Hines, Director of the U.S. Veterans’ Bureau, endorsed the plan and pledged the cooperation of his department. All men employed in assembling Buddy Poppies for the 1924 campaign were sent to the VFW Poppy workshop by the Veterans’ Bureau regional manager in Pittsburgh. The designation Buddy Poppy, which originated with the men themselves, was adopted at that time. The VFW has made that trademark a guarantee that all poppies bearing that name and the VFW label are genuine products of the work of disabled and needy veterans. No other organization, firm or individual can make legal use of the name Buddy Poppy.

Following the 1924 campaign, a number of larger VFW Departments (states) believed it would stimulate local distribution if the poppies they used were assembled by disabled veterans in hospitals within their own jurisdiction. The 1924 VFW Encampment at Atlantic City granted this privilege, under the provision that all poppies would be produced according to specifications set forth by the National Buddy Poppy Department, and that all poppies would be assembled by disabled veterans in government hospitals and by needy veterans in workshops supervised by the VFW. 

The VFW has steadfastly adhered to the policy of veteran assembled poppies. The VFW organized the first nationwide distribution of poppies by a veterans organization in May 1922. The poppy was adopted by the National Encampment in Seattle, during August of that year as the official memorial flower of the VFW.

In September 1920, the national convention of the American Legion held in Cleveland passed a resolution adopting the poppy as the official flower of that organization. However, at the third national convention of the American Legion held in Kansas City in October 1921, the American Legion repudiated the poppy and adopted the daisy as its official flower. 

In October 1922, following the first nationwide distribution of poppies by the VFW during May of that year, the fourth national convention of the American Legion held in New Orleans in October adopted the following resolution: “Resolved, that the poppy is hereby declared to be the official American Legion flower, instead of the daisy, which was adopted by the 1921 convention of the American Legion.” 

Following the successful poppy campaign conducted by the VFW in May 1922, the American Legion realized the financial possibilities of the poppy movement. In the spring of 1923, following the New Orleans encampment and one year after the first VFW Poppy campaign on a nationwide scale, the American Legion conducted its first poppy distribution using poppies supplied by a French manufacturer. 

From the very beginning, the Buddy Poppy project of the VFW has received the endorsement and cooperation of the director of the Veterans Administration, and the support of administrators and medical officers of government hospitals. All presidents since Warren G. Harding (1921-23) have conveyed to the nation at large endorsement and recognition of this VFW effort. 

Today, the VFW Buddy Poppies are assembled by disabled, needy and aging veterans in VA rehabilitation centers. The majority of proceeds derived from each campaign conducted by the VFW Posts and their Auxiliaries is retained locally to provide for veteran services and welfare. The minimal assessment (cost of Buddy Poppies) to the VFW units provides compensation to the veterans who assembled the poppies, provides financial assistance in maintaining state and national veterans’ rehabilitation and service programs, and partially supports the VFW National Home for Children, a community of children and families of veterans and active-duty military.

Legislative Dec23

Denise Kindred e-mail

Hello All!
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving Holiday and enjoyed spending time
with family and friends. We had an election in the month of November, and I hope
everyone got out and voted. Continue to talk with your legislators about bills and
issues concerning our Veterans.
VFW Action Corps Weekly is free and it’s full of news about what’s happening on
Capitol Hill with the Veterans and service member issues and with National
Security. Subscribe at the National Website at by selecting “What
We Do” then click on “Legislative”.
Goals are released in January of each year by the VFW website or MALTA
Member resources for the current Priority Goals.
One of the main objectives of the Legislative Program is to improve the lives of
our Veterans, service members and families through advocacy. Thanks for all your
effort. Keep up the good work!!!!

Youth Activities Dec23

Betty Doucet 228-990-6969 EMAIL monthly report form

Coloring Sheets   1st   2nd    3rd    4th    5th    6th    ALL

I hope everyone had a Happy, healthy and safe Thanksgiving holiday and were able to enjoy quality time.

Wow, the year is almost over and the celebration of the birth of Christ upon us. I’m so thankful to live in the United States of America and able to enjoy the liberties that our forefathers have fought and died for. These are some of the things that we need to instill in our youth. Liberties that are not given to most of the youth in other countries. We are faced today and every day with enlightening our youth in things that others don’t have and will never have because of the love of country, family and freedom that our ancestors had and were willing to give all that we, their family would enjoy.

Has everyone received the coloring contest sheet that were sent by the Department Secretary? You can download them from links above or off the Department website under download forms. This is a Department contest and not a National contest and opened to all youth in grades 1st through 6th in public, private and home schooling. We hope you all take a look at these pages and participate.

Some auxiliaries have ‘adopted’ youth groups and are doing lots of things with them and having lots of fun. If you visit a nursing home, children may be able to come along and they are so much around the elderly and the elderly enjoy them also. It’s not to late.

February is close and is a month for school activities and would be a great time to visit your local schools and bring some flags, pencils from the VFW store, book markers and other patriotic items offered.

Christmas, a time for a lot of activities with family and friends. May everyone have a Blessed, Holy, healthy and safe holiday but always remember the reason for the season.